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November 2008 Archives

Flex – Blog Interface

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Finally I made something using Flex, as I said earlier I built rss interface. Version 1.0 is ready for public view – planning to integrate it with my website. Click here to view my first Flex application.

Testing Flex Blog

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Spent almost 20+ hours on going through the documentation – which reading it thought of building custom blog interface in Flex. Flex blog interface will read rss feed file with DateChooser. Lets see how it comes.

Sick of Hyderabad traffic

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Today we planned to visit Kavya and Santosh (BTW: they became parents on 24 Nov 2008). It took more than 2 hours to reach Chanda Nagar from Tarnaka via Bala Nagar, which is around 25 kilometers. A few reasons for bad traffic – 1) people doesn’t follow the traffic rules, they pull their vehicle to left side (free left in India) even though they have to go straight and they block the road for the people who need to go left. – 2) Damage roads, hope government will repair it before the elections (vote bank politics) – 3) Road side parking and many more.
The return drive was horrible: I took Hitex City Madhapur road, which was wise decision though I have to burn more fuel; as expected I hit Begumpet Chief Minister’s Camp office in 30 Minutes and I was 11 kilometers away from my house but my starts didn’t support me – heavy traffic jam at Lifestyle crass roads (on and under the flyover) – was in traffic for 15 minutes hopping it will clear but no luck and I took U turn thinking to reach Tarnaka via Somajiguda > Prasads > Tank Band > Liberty > OU Campus but took necklace road from Prasads thinking that there would be traffic jam at Lumbini Park due to police check post and weekend (yesterday night I took the same road due to traffic jam at Lifestyle cross roads). Till the Deccan Continental the drive was good and from there very bad – finally I reach home at 6:15 PM - Over all today I spent 5 hours to drive 50 Kilometers. I miss those good old days when students use to walk up to school and fathers had a bicycle to ride to their work. I personally ride bicycle from Yusufguda to Secunderabad 15 years back – now I can’t think about it.

Building First Flex Applications

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It’s been a long time I haven’t built any application and thought oh developing something – but not sure what and how. 2 days back one of my colleague was reading about Adobe Flex and I happened to walk there and he explained me about Flex (Macromedia Flash: My last hands-on was May 2006). Flex looked interesting and thought of making something. Just installed the application and going through the documentation.


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I am excited, tomorrow is my first class to teach students at Divya Disha NGO.