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Another Bad Day - Bumper to Bumper Accident

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What a bad day it was to me and my Chevy...

Just like any other day I started from home at 2:30 PM for work, today traffic was a bit high than on a regular summer day in Hyderabad. Thought of going on a slow track and I was driving between 35 - 45 KMPH on 3rd and 4th gear. On same speed I crossed Begumpet Rasoolpur signal and about to get on the airport flyover. Usual I don't take this flyover but because of unknown reason (may be my mind was off today) I got on the flyover.

In front Ford Fiesta was in a good speed, I followed the same speed but in a fraction of seconds everything changed on the road. Big collision.

Ford Fiesta which hit Maruti Alto, which is in front of Ford Fiesta, Maruti Alto hit Tata Indica. I tried to escape but could not, and hit Ford Fiesta and Toyota Innova which is behind me hit my Chevy from back. Total five cars Bumper to Bumper (Toyota Innova> Chevy Spark> Ford Fiesta> Maruti Alto>Tata Indica) on road.

Indica and Innova escaped from the scene, and we three were waiting for police. In 10 minutes Traffic police was there and clear the traffic. We went Begumpet police station explained situation, cop says we all did the mistake, 'you guys did not maintain the distance, so the collision occurred' and need to file a case 'Negligence driving'.
So, Alto guy filed case on Fiesta for hitting form back and Fiesta guy on me for the same. I didn't got a chance to file a case since Innova guy escaped.

Finally I and Fiesta guy paid the challan (penalty) of 200 INR.

Cops said they will issue a damage certificate, so that we can clam for insurance.

Tomorrow I need to visit police station to collect the certificate. ( Hope they issue it without any trouble)

Now I need to follow-up with insurance guys.
But I thank God and my starts that it was not a major accident, compare to other vehicles my Chevy damage was less - I thank again.
My Chevy is going to garage this weekend for repair, it may be there for 4 to 5 days.


Midnight Party

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Due to night shifts complete life style changed. Recently my colleague also started working in night shift for business need. Today is colleague (Satish Mamidala) birthday and we decided party after the shift. Now we need go out and buy some stuff for party – hope we will have fun.