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May 2010 Archives

What next? ¼ paisa per second…

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New hoarding on Hyderabad roads: MTS Mobile advertising launch of new tariff - ½ paisa per second through out the Andhra Pradesh – mobile war -

First entry on MovableType 5

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This is my first test entry in MovableType 5 - Just install and exploring the options.

online payment - 6 months in advance

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as a routine check today I logged into LIC (Life Insurance of Corporation of India) site, clicked on Pay Premium Online and noticed that 2 premiums are awaiting payment – hmm… I got panic and not looking at the details just paid the Premium and suddenly remembered that I already paid the premium in last month – WTF… why did I paid it again. So I made advance payment of 35K which supposed to be paid in November 2010 --- what to do now --- 16 more days to go for next paycheck.  

Sudden Rain – in Hi-tech City, Madapur.

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It was around 7:40 PM IST on 7 May 2010, I walk down to other building (which is around 100 meters away) for snacks. Outside the climate was normal like any other pick summer evening in South India and there was no sign of rain or storm. I went to cafeteria in building 1 and bought something to eat and finished my snack. As usual I took stairs to get down and I noticed water on the floor thought it must be drizzling outside and some water might have came in from the window about it. But I was shocked and got stuck in front office – it was a heavy rainstorm, never seen this type of rain in this year. People who completed their shift were standing near exist door and the security guy helping them by taking one by one near to the cab under umbrella. Security guy said he will escort me to other build under the umbrella, I said – thank you boss but sorry – I am going to walk in this rain – I know that if I accept it I am going to be drenched, so I picked up my mobile to call a friend so that he can pick me and I noticed ‘No Service’ error message on my mobile screen… what the …. I thought it must be my mobile issue and tried to restart but no use (BTW – it’s a Airtel Service), what to do now … then I realized that I am also carrying other mobile (Vodafone – office mobile) – may be in some situation we will forgot what we are…- called my friend to pick me from building 2 parking (cellar parking) as per security person advice – Thank U friend – Once I am in my floor I noticed some people talking about Airtel – I peeped in, the discussion was around “No Service”. Hmm... so it’s not my mobile issue. May be nearby Airtel tower collapsed due to Sudden Rainstorm. .. now waiting for the net work....