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Disappointing Ravan/Ravanan

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First time I didn’t like Maniratnam’s film – Ravan (in Hindi) is an absolutely disappointing movie. It’s not at all a Maniratnam brand movie.
In my opinion he did couple of mistakes while making the movie;
  • 1st mistake: star cast, he should have not selected Bachchan family for this move. Disgusting performance by Mr. and Mrs. Bachchan
  • 2nd mistake: No storyline. No dialogs
He should've tried this movie with newcomers at least to save the production cost.
But its worth watching for Music (AR Rahman) and Cinematographer (Santosh Sivan)


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yesterday is a canceled check;
tomorrow is a promissory note;
today is the only cash you have - so spend it wisely

Google LMS - CloudCourse on air

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Another milestone to my profile, I completed the installation and deployment of CloudCourse to Google apps, it a partial LMS from Google to manage class room courses and roster.

I named my CloudCourse app as shiksha101 - to access Shiksha101 click https://shiksha101.appspot.com

to know more about CloudCourse http://code.google.com/p/cloudcourse/

Python for Windows

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This document discusses some of the common pitfalls in getting python scripts running under Windows, with an emphasis on enabling python cgi scripts through Windows Apache.