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Weekend Assignment: Website Redesign –

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There are some people who just wake up early in the morning and jump out of bed and starts browsing - me one of them ;-) These days I have been working on MyFriends website, which is dedicated to my school friends from Kendriya Vidyalaya NTPC, Ramagundam. While going to my home site I thought of changing it – I have not changed it since ages. Spend around 20 hours to re-design my home site, still need to work on customizing my blog (Movable Type). Something is wrong with Movable Type – its not allowing me to edit templates ;-( I think I need to reinstall or upgrade it …

10 Years? Where it gone

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It is hard to believe that I just completed 10 years of service. Hmm…everything looks like started yesterday and I am still learning.
If I step back and look into my past there are many milestones I have crossed.  – I don’t know where I would be if LearningByte International (LBI) was not in our college to demonstrate their product (e-Learning). May be in Advertising? Mass Media? a Painter? Or on streets? but defiantly not in IT.
I joined LBI in September, 1998 as a college intern to support Visual Design domain. On 01 July 2000 LBI identified me as a potential candidate and given me an opportunity to work with them as a visual designer (at this moment I would like to thank – Sunil Kandlikar, Ravi Krishnan, Pramod Riswadkar, Prasad B, Prashanth P, Manas and many others for believing me - I hope I meet your expectations) and the journey started… still going on.

Thank you all for the support.