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August 2010 Archives

Work place

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I don't understand why people come to office when they are unwell and not in a position to support team. Instead completing their work why they blame others?

If you are sick or having some personal problems its better to take off. But don't sit in office with a sad face and don't spoil others work. How a person sitting next to you will know your feelings?

Always be open - if you talk most of the problems will solve  - but please don't ruin others work and the relationship or blame others -

24 kilometers - 120 minutes - Tarnaka to Hitec City

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These days' traffic jams have become a routine affair on the city roads - especially on Sardra Patel road (St. Anns School Secunderabad to Lifestyle Begumpet) and Mettuguda.

It was my mistake

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I am sorry... I should have not cross the road