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Shouldn't we stop at traffic signals?

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Based on my yesterday's experience I feel that we should not - especially night time in Hyderabad roads. 
It was somewhere between 10:15 - 10:30 PM on Road # 3 Banjara Hills, there was no traffic and raining outside. I crossed LV Prasad eye institute while listening Radio Mirchi Mayabazar on 40 km/h speed, the traffic signals near Harley Davidson turned red, so I decided to stop even though there was no traffic - don't want to take any risk - but that decision was my mistake, I should have jumped the traffic signals.

Suddenly there was a big sound, everything on the dashboard was on floor and I felt the jerk - luckily I was wearing the seatbelt. A speeding car (Alto) hit my car.

I stepped out and checked the rear and bumper - bumper was damaged slightly. I walked near to the Alto driver and about to yell on him, but I don't know what happened to me at that time - looking at his sad face I couldn't say anything to him. He was in his fifties, I just said - can't you see the signal - and left that place to avoid further traffic jam (already people were honking).

I pulled off the road and closely looked at the damage - reverse horn was hanging - paint cracks on bumper and red plastic glass broken - mud flap clamps broken.
No damage to the rear lights and no dents - Thank god.  

Should I have taken his details to pay for the repair? I don't know ...

But friends - we all should respect the traffic rules and stop when the signal turns red - always and everywhere - it is good for you and others.
Happy and safe Driving