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October 2010 Archives

Transition Time

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Today is the last day in Convergys.
Starting Monday 25 Oct 2010 we all are NorthgateArinso employees - new building - new location (DLF - Gachibowli). Everyone is busy copying the data and packing their belonging.

What next - don't know - except hoping for the good

So far: LearningByte > DigitalThink > Convergys > NorthgateArinso.

Thank you - Convergys - going to miss you

Wrong Call

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A month back I got a call from an unknown number, and he asks for 'Murali' in a weird tone - it was really difficult to understand his language. I told him that you got a wrong number and I am not Murali, please check the number before dialing. But no use, he started calling me very frequently - and asks for Murali - on top of that he use to question me "Who are you? What's your name? Why are you using Murali number? Where is Murali?" Initially I politely answer him that this is not Murali's number and you no need to know about my details.

Since a few days he's been calling me everyday multiple times, I just ignored those calls many times.
Today I got the same call around 5:30 AM - first I ignored - and tried to catch some sleep. Usually I go to bed very late and last night I was on prod support call last night, and slept around 3 AM.
Again the same call - I got irritated by these wrong calls and I used very bad words on him early in the morning.
After the call - I felt sorry about him - but what to do we were not listening to me and he keep on saying Murali.  

I don't know who the f--- is Murali and why he has given the wrong number to him.

Hope I will not get Murali calls again from this person. - sorry yaar I could not control.