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A True Teamwork

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India won the world cup after 28 years - Congratulations!
I think we won it because the Team India played for the country not for individual credits, which was clearly observed in the final match. Team India has proved it again that if we work together we can achieve it - Congratulations team India - Keep up the Team Spirit. Specially - M S Dhoni, Gautam Gambhir, Virat Kohli and Yuvraj Singh. I am sure that no one has thought that the game is in your hands - great work.

I am not the right person to talk about the cricket (my friends who knows me will know why I am saying this ;-)) - but this match was spectacular - I personally enjoyed a lot. Guys this is the first cricket match in my life which I watched from beginning to end on my own interest. I don't know anything about the cricket (even the players name), but I prepared to the final watch. It may be because of the World Cup.

One thing I've learned with this match is how a leader should behave and make his team to perform better.
So I called it a true teamwork for a greater achievement.
Congratulations team India!