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Gradient mask in Flash

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Steps to create Gradient Mask in Flash
1)    Convert your image/graphic into a movieClip
2)    Create your gradient mask area (transparent to black or black to transparent ) 
3)    Convert the gradient mask area into a movieClip
4)    Create three layers on stage "Action (to write actionSctipt), Mask, Image "
5)    Place your image movieClip on Image layer, and name the movieClip instance as "myImage_mc"
6)    Place the  gradient mask movieClip on Mask layer, and name the movieClip instance as "mask_mc"
7)    In Action layer write/copy the following code on the timeline
myImage_mc.cacheAsBitmap =true;
mask_mc.cacheAsBitmap = true;
myImage_mc.mask = mask_mc;

Here is the result.